Older KarjaSoft Products

These products are no longer supported, but feel free to download and use them - they are completely free and run on Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/probably Windows 8.

Sami FTP Server

Sami FTP Server gives you an easy way to share files with your friends or your family: only a few clicks are needed to set up a small but powerful FTP server!
Download Sami FTP Server 2.0.2 (240 Kb)

Sami HTTP Server

Sami HTTP Server gives you an easy way to set up a web server on your computer: only a few clicks are needed to share webpages or files!
Download Sami HTTP Server 2.0.1 (208 Kb)

Clock Sync

Clock Sync is a small program which connects to time servers on the net in order to automatically correct your computer clock. You have full control whether or not you want Clock Sync to connect by itself every day, or only when you choose.
Download Clock Sync 1.0.0 (140 Kb)


WordMahjongg is a fun and easy-to-play puzzle game in which you remove matching tiles. It is similar to Mahjongg Solitaire, with a big exception: you remove word pairs instead of pictures.
Download WordMahjongg 1.2 (3.5 Mb)

Santa Shooter

Download Santa Shooter to delve further into this story of benevolence, misunderstandings, alcoholic beverages and a loaded gun. Will Santa escape the intoxicated and inbred father? Will the irresistably jolly intruder receive a full serving of lead? The only way to find out is to
Download Santa Shooter (1.6 Mb)

Mega Brain Splashing 4

They came, they saw and they conquered. You are the last man alive; can you avenge humanity and bring an end to the murderous aliens in this furious mix of Gauntlet and Smash TV?
Download Mega Brain Splashing (4.5 Mb)

Why are these products no longer supported?

There's a very simple reason for this: I find casual computer games more interesting to develop, and I simply don't have time to concentrate on both areas.

There won't be any new functionality added to these applications, but feel free to try them out and see if you find them useful as-is!