About KarjaSoft

KarjaSoft is an indie games company from Sweden, focusing on delivering casual puzzle/adventure/RPG games with a twist.

All games are designed, programmed and produced by myself, Miro Karjalainen. During the day I am a mild mannered development manager in the online gaming industry, but at night time I transform into a quirky indie games developer with a tendency to inject strange humor into all my games.

Miro Karjalainen

The KarjaSoft games are written in various languages: BlitzMax, ActionScript 3 and Monkey X primarily. But I have also written small projects in DirectX, OpenGL and SDL using C++, as well as Java and other languages. These days I am less concerned with frameworks and languages, and I want to focus on producing the games themselves instead.

Some of the games feature music, art and sound effects created by myself. I apologize for this. Other times I outsource the art and music creation - and I think everyone agrees that that is the better option. Ideally I would prefer to work together with an artist instead of simply outsourcing the work, though.

If you are interested in collaborating on a project, or would like to contact KarjaSoft for business proposals, send an e-mail to info@karjasoft.com.

Press Kit

For more information about KarjaSoft and media kits for individual games, please visit the press kit page.



Released by KarjaSoft in May 2007.
Credits: Miro Karjalainen, Tim Wendorf.

Spandex Force
Released by KarjaSoft in February 2008.
Credits: Miro Karjalainen, Rebecca Gunter, Peter Szabo, Castro Navarro, IBAudio.com, Soundsnap.com.

Released by KarjaSoft in November 2009.
Credits: Miro Karjalainen, Rebecca Gunter, Jeff Ward, IBAudio.com, Soundsnap.com.

Spandex Force: Superhero U
Released by KarjaSoft in July 2011.
Credits: Miro Karjalainen, Carolina Moya, Rebecca Gunter, IBAudio.com, Soundsnap.com.

Spandex Force: Champion Rising
Released by KarjaSoft in April 2014.
Credits: Miro Karjalainen, Carolina Moya, Rebecca Gunter, IBAudio.com, Soundsnap.com.